Hatch Your Own Pet Unicorn!

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Hatch and grow your own pet Unicorn! Just submerge the egg in water and your Unicorn will break through its shell and hatch within a day!

The colour of the egg doesn't necessarily represent the colour of the Unicorn inside. The Unicorn colour is a mystery until they hatch (but it will be either White, Pink or Orange)!

Egg is 2.5" tall. Unicorn can grow to be approximately 4.5"-5" x 2.5"-3" or larger, depending on how long you keep it submerged under water! Once grown to the desired size, remove from water and let it dry out on a towel for 1-2 days.


  • Put the egg in a container and cover completely with water (under 35 degrees Celcius).
  • The egg shell will slowly start to break after 8-24 hours, and the Unicorn will hatch from its shell! Make sure the egg is completely submerged.
  • After the egg shell is broken entirely, remove the Unicorn from the shell and add new water to the container. They will grow to full size within a couple of days. Watch it grow bigger daily by placing it in a bigger container filled with water!

WARNING: Small parts, choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.