Slow Rise Pearlescent Unicorn Squishy

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Ultra slow rising Unicorn squishies with a shiny, pearly finish! Amazingly soft; this is a super fun squishy to add to your collection! Lightly strawberry scented. Rare & imported! 

Medium Sized: 5" x 4.25" x 1.25"

Please note: This squishy is made of extra soft foam, as such is very delicate. Due to the nature of the design, the Unicorn can develop rips or tears more quickly than other squishies (specifically between the wing and tail).

Small manufacturer's defects are normal for this squishy (eg: tiny paint marks, air bubbles, etc), but we also have an option that is discounted for having more defects than considered normal. We recommend this item for ages 12+ and advise gentle use. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges on this product.

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