Instant Snow for Slimes!

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Just add water to this powder and watch it erupt into "snow"! Perfect for making cloud and ice slimes!

How to Use: Add exactly 1 teaspoon of snow powder with exactly 2 ounces of water & watch it grow! No mixing required! If you don't measure out these exact amounts you'll get slush instead of snow!

The amount of snow needed depends on the type of slime you want to make and the ingredients you used to make your base slime. For cloud slime, you will need approximately two parts powder to one part slime. This is a guideline only and we cannot be responsible for slimes that do not turn out! Please find a cloud or ice slime recipe and follow the directions carefully.

We recommend first testing the product on a small batch of your slime so you can perfect your desired consistency!

Please see photographs of the bag- it won't look like much, but remember- it expands to 100x its size!

Non-hazardous and non-toxic. Do not consume. For ages 12+. 


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